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Is ALINE clear aligner treatment right for me?

I often get asked that is there any age limit for getting your teeth aligned, my answer to them is since there is no age limit for smiling so why should there be any limit for its treatment. ALINE clear aligner system can treat misaligned teeth for kids, teens and adults alike, teeth movement happens faster when you are young as the bones as soft and as you age the treatment may take a little longer but it’s efficacy does not go down.

A similar doubt persists regarding the nature of malocclusions clear aligners can treat, ALINE system can treat variety of patient malocclusion including: crowding, spacing, crossbite, deep bite among others addressing 90% of all orthodontic issues.

Invisible. Pain-Free. Efficacious.


Teeth crowding is observed when the dental arch cannot accommodate all the teeth in the straight position leading to teeth overlapping or getting rotated.

Such cases can be easily treated with arch expansion or teeth stripping as the case may require.


Opposite of crowding is extra spacing between teeth. A common form of teeth spacing is midline diastema which is the condition of extra space/gap between the upper central incisors.

Such cases can also be treated by moving teeth together closing the space through aligners.

Deep Bite

Condition when upper front teeth close in front of lower teeth almost completely covering the lower teeth. Such condition not only disrupt the teeth aesthetic but also cause long term impact on patients’ bite, jaws and muscles.

Such cases can also be effectively treated with clear aligners.

Cross Bite

Condition when the teeth don’t line up with some upper teeth closing Infront of lower while the others closing behind the lower teeth. Such condition can also be treated with aligners by providing the appropriate inclination and movement to the teeth

In addition, conditions like open bite , overjet can also be treated with ALINE clear aligners.

Every case is evaluated for bone strength and type of movement needed for correction before proceeding ahead. Moreover, smile transformation videos are also shared with the patients which helps them visualize the final treatment results. Only after approvals from all these stages does the treatment begin.

Hence keep aside all you fears and board the ALINE wagon.

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