How it Works?

Treatment & Transformation

The treatment duration may vary from a few months to over a year depending on the case complexity.
Based on the treatment, patients are provided with a series of aligners to be worn in sequence for the desired transformation.

Visit our
empaneled dentist

  • Patient visits the nearest ALINE empanelled doctors for initial intra-oral scans/ impressions and treatment briefing
  • Patient’s case is evaluated by experienced ALINE orthodontists and the smile transformation video is shared with the Patient.
  • Upon approval by the Patient, the in-depth treatment planning is done

Custom Aligners

  • Virtual tooth movement simulations are done for a precise treatment
  • Custom aligners are manufactured for the patient using advanced CAD/CAM processes

Smile Transformation

  • Empanelled doctor sets the first aligners for the patient kickstarting the smile transformation.
  • Patient is required to wear each pair of aligner for 15 days ,getting one step closer to the perfect smile
  • By the end of treatment period, patient achieves the dream smile.


Smiles Transfored !

ALINE Clear Aligner System can treat variety of patient malocclusion including: crowding, spacing, crossbite, deep bite among others

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