What is ALINE Clear Aligner?

Whats all the buzz about?

Do you hesitate to smile? Are your crooked teeth restraining you from putting your best foot forward? Does the thought of putting the archaic metal braces to straighten your teeth sends shiver down your spine? If the answer is a resounding YES, then you have landed at the right place to find your solution.

  ALINE clear aligner, also called ALINE invisible braces is a new age digital dentistry system to treat your teeth malalignment. These are removable alternative to braces, wireless and inconspicuous, designed around convenience and flexibility. Some of the other similar clear aligner solutions available in the market are priced at a much higher price point making it only a viable option only for a select section of the society. You can get your ALINEs at a price similar to metal braces but without the pain, swelling, wires or self-consciousness that comes with wearing braces.

Invisible. Pain-Free. Efficacious.

How does ALINE clear aligner treat orthodontic issues?

Clear aligners are plastic trays, designed in the shape of your teeth from biocompatible PETG sheets, which you wear to move your teeth. First an intra oral scan is taken to create a digital model of your teeth. Next, an expert orthodontist plans your virtual treatment which may span from 4-12 months and the aligner sets are manufactured as per the plan. Each aligner set is to be worn for 15 days, and with every set your teeth move one step closer to the dream smile. The aligners are invisible hence you can undergo the treatment and still your teeth will not gather the unwanted attention.

What are the Benefits of ALINE clear aligner system?

ALINEs trumps over the traditional metal braces treatment on multiple fronts-


Unlike metal braces these are almost invisible, hence, you can flaunt your smile even while undergoing treatment

Pain Free

No wires, no hassle, no pain. Clear Aligners are smooth and don’t cause any cuts or swelling

No Dietary Restriction

ALINEs are removable hence you can take them off while eating, have your favourite food/drink and put them back on

Minimal Dentist visits

Visit your nearest empanelled dentists for initial scans and setup, remaining treatment can be carried remotely


ALINEs are designed by a team of expert orthodontists and manufactured with digital CAD/CAM to provide a precise amount of force which can straighten teeth faster than traditional metal braces

Are there any limitations?

ALINE Clear Aligner System can treat variety of patient malocclusion including: crowding, spacing, crossbite, deep bite among others for both young and adult, however, there are cases of extreme malocclusion for which clear aligners may not be effective in treating. Out of all the cases with malocclusion, clear aligners may effectively treat 90% of the cases, the remaining 10% cases may require extreme movement of posterior teeth and clear aligners may not be the best treatment for that. As you reach us, our team of doctors evaluate each case and then decide the treatment plan best for the patient.

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