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1. Contents of the box

  1. Aligner Case- To carefully store you aligners when you take them off while eating or drinking
  2. Removal tool- Facilitates aligner removal
  3. Aligner sets- Sequenced and labelled with upper and lower jaw, to be worn in the same order
  4. Perfect Smile-The smile you get at the end of treatment

      2. Duration of wearing your aligners?

      Aligners are effective when worn at least 22 hours a day. You can take them off while eating, drinking fluids (other than water) and brushing but remember to put them back on. If you fail to wear the aligners for the prescribed duration, the teeth will have the tendency to move back to the original position. This may lead to delay or failure of the treatment.

      Each pair of aligners have to be worn for 14 days to allow the teeth bones to reconstruct to the new position. Post 14 days wear the aligner pair next in sequence.

      3. How to put the aligners?

      Your aligners have sequence and labels for upper and lower jaw. Ensure to wear the correct sequence and side. You can insert the aligners in any sequence.

      First place the aligner over your front teeth followed by the back teeth and gently push until the aligner snaps into place. Press the aligner with your finger to set it.

      Follow the same process for the other jaw.

      Do not bite the aligner to bring it to position as it may damage or break it.

      The aligners have a tight fit and little discomfort is natural at first since they are working to against the natural position of your teeth.

      If you feel the aligners are very tight or you feel continued pain, please make sure you are wearing the correct sequence and consult the empanelled dentist if needed.

      4. Removing the aligners

      Best way to remove the aligner is to first remove it from the back molars from both left and right side and then remove it from the front teeth. Use the removal tool hook to pull.

      5. Cleaning and maintenance

      Clean your aligners with a gentle toothbrush and toothpaste once a day when you remove them to brush your teeth. Also wash your aligners in clean running water each time you remove them and store them in the carry case provided.

      6. Dos and Don’ts

      1. Store your aligner in the carry case when not in use to avoid losing or breaking it.
      2. Don’t eat any food or beverage with your aligners on as it may stain or discolour the aligner. Any food particle may get stuck and cause damage
      3. You can remove the aligner and eat any food, just make sure to brush/floss your teeth prior to putting them back on.
      4. Don’t wash your aligner in hot water as it may cause it to lose its effectiveness

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